Toyota Fortuner Legender 2020

Add some sections to make it beautiful

Well, now we're just a little bit away. The Toyota Fortuner Legender 2020 clipart. There are no problems with it and it sits evenly in the right place.

The next step is the construction of the contour. Again, not a particularly difficult process, designed for time. A few tips for drawing - it is better to take a stiff, not very thick "pencil brush". Circles do through the appropriate deformed tool. Lines carried out by applying shift. In the process of drawing the contour I decided to add on the tower of secondary elements. I placed a canister under the tower, a searchlight on it, and a fire extinguisher at the base.

In general, we can say that this car clipart - ready! Well, at least now we can finally understand what and where. The next step is visualization. First, decide on the lighting. Make the light source directly above the Toyota Fortuner Legender 2020. There are many ways to make a shadow - from complex building, to sketchy silhouette. We'll take the middle variant. Unpretentious motions projected on the contour of the car falling shadow. You can sketch a "grid" on the plane under the car, and it is better to include a layer with more detailed construction through (in this picture I have it turned off, but when drawing the silhouette it was used), to better see how to project from the invisible part.

The vanishing point is the same, it's under the Toyota Fortuner Legender 2020 - it's a kind of focus on the center, albeit with some displacement. In general, that perfect shadow we do not need, so just sketch its silhouette. Also do the shadow on the car itself - everything is hard, no gradients. We will need this image in the future to create a contrasting moment.

As a result of these actions we have this clipart:

Toyota Fortuner Legender 2020 car clipart

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With the shadow we have solved. it is time to paint. One-color car we naturally will not do (although it is realistic), so we break it up into primary colors. Regarding the color of the car - to make it shimmering metal we will not. We are guided by the color of modern vehicles - painted matte metal. I decided with the color scheme already at the stage of inventing parts. In general, we paint the elements in the desired colors.

Now let's combine the shadow made earlier with the color scheme. We impose the shadow through the blending mode "Linear Burn" The result obtained:

It's time to take the volume and the lighting of our car clipart to a new level. To start, I changed the white background to a more neutral gray-blue and put the asphalt texture on the plane under the Toyota Fortuner Legender 2020. It is from this environment that we are going to work with the lighting and influence. Let's create a layer with the "Hard Light" blending mode and start to set the volume with tones from the surroundings and periodically tweak the exciting elements. On the side node of the tower I showed a different material from the main body - a more solid protection unit.

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